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 UV Flashlight Urine Detector

Q. Does this pickup urine stains on hard floors or particleboard?

A. Yes, it does. It depends on how well the floor was cleaned. If the urine was effectively cleaned up, then there wouldn’t really be much for it to find. It also finds urine on laminated wood floors, walls, carpets, furniture, and any other surface on the house. It is also great for finding small oil splatters on kitchen walls that you may be missed during cleaning, so it is multi-use besides body fluids.

Q. Does this work on human urine stains, too?

A. Yes, it does, any protein causes a white reflection and take note that it only works on dried urine. UV works on ’dry’ urine and the combination of phosphor, proteins, salt and blood in the urine. Kidney function and water intake will also influence how well the urine will show.

Q. What is UV wavelength?

A. All light is detected by the human eye via its specific wavelength. UV or ultraviolet wavelength is not detectable by the human eye; however certain substances will reflect visible colors when UV light is directed towards it. The proteins in mammal urine reflect UV light and are made visible when UV light is directed towards it with sufficient power. Most UV wavelengths are invisible to humans.

Q. Will the light detect blood?

A. The light reveals all sorts of things … urine, vomit, blood etc … but I do not personally know what color blood appears under the light .. urine is bright almost fluorescent yellow and vomit is more of a white color .. so you will have to experiment to see what color blood will appear. It also depends on what surface the urine/vomit/blood is on.

Q. Where do you buy replacement bulbs?

A. There are no bulbs. The light is illuminated with LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes). They cannot be replaced easily by a consumer with no electronic repair skills. Most electronic components such diodes fail rapidly if they are defective. If the components last the first 100 hours they will likely last for thousands of hours. There are no replacement bulbs for this flashlight. You would just have to order a new flashlight.

Q. After cleaning my carpets, I still see the urine stain with a black light but they are much fainter. Is this normal?

A.You will find that after a stain has been cleaned with a non-bacterial enzymatic cleaner, the original stain may still show up albeit much lighter as there can still be remnants of the original substance in the carpet. To remove the stain completely you need to use a bacteria based cleaner and extract the moisture from the carpet. Once this is done you will get the following outcome.

The clearly defined urine stain has been consumed and the odor is gone, however, the area covered by the remaining inert cleaner residue will still show under a UV light but the mark you see would be better described as a blotch rather than a clearly defined stain. The blotch will not be visible to the eye in the daylight unless of course the carpet was not vacuumed prior to applying the cleaner.

The only exception to this occurs when urine has been decomposing on the carpet for some time. As the acid breaks down it produces highly alkaline ammonia that can leach color from fabrics. While this will seldom be visible to the naked eye, it will be visible under UV light

In these circumstances, because of the dust that was on the area before you apply the cleaner, you may see a large slightly visible mark. The best way to remove this is to rub the edges of the mark with a damp (not soaked) rag.


Bio-Enzymatic Cleaner

Q. Does it remove stains & odors from hardwood floors. ?

A. Yes, it does. You can spray it on hardwood floors and it works great. There’s nothing in it that should harm the wood or stain or seal. Just don’t let it sit on there for a long time. It can remove the odor and this will help prevent your pets from re-marking those areas of your floor or carpeting. As with any cleaning product you should always test it on an inconspicuous spot in case it marks.

Q. Remove stain under black-light?

A. Blacklight can detect dry urine stains. If you apply DOGGONE PET PRODUCTS Bio-Enzymatic Cleaner the enzymes will go to work to eat, literally consume the urine crystals in the carpet. The result is that the urine will be gone. When the urine is gone, the stain and odor are gone so there will be nothing to show under your black light. The only exception to this occurs when urine has been decomposing on the carpet for some time. As the acid breaks down it produces highly alkaline ammonia that can leach color from fabrics. While this will seldom be visible to the naked eye, it will be visible under UV light

Q. Which odor eliminators can safely used with a steamer?

A. We don’t recommend that you use our product in the carpet steamer/shampooer. It’s better to pre-treat the problem areas, let it sit overnight if possible, then shampoo as normal. The key is for the product to come in contact with the urine and then given time to work. Using it in the shampooer just puts it down and sucks it right back up. That doesn’t allow it to go deep enough into the carpet (and pad), nor allow it the time it needs to break down and digest the urine crystals.

Q. Will this product bleach or discolor my upholstery? It’s almost a velour-type fabric?

A. It should not discolor any fabric. However, as with any cleaning product I would do a test in a hidden area.

Q. Does it remove urine smell and stains on concrete?

A. Our product will work on concrete but realize that there needs to be some kind of air exchange. In carpet, there is air exchange and it works fairly quickly. As you can imagine, concrete is somewhat porous but air exchange is minimal. So, apply the product soaking the area well and just leave it on. When it dries, check to see if the urine smell is gone. If not, apply again. Also, the product will work better at room temperature. If your spot is in a garage or outside, colder temps make it harder for it to work.

Q. Will it help stop dogs from urine marking on the same spot? Is the smell strong? Does it work on tile floors?

A. Yes, the enzyme cleaner will help with your dogs from re-marking. As one of our customers stated, most of the time when a dog goes back to a spot that has been cleaned with our product, it is only because that area was not cleaned completely. As we all know a dog's nose can smell 1000 times better than a human nose so they only remark areas where they smell urine. We have two fragrance options in the Bio-Enzymatic cleaner; one is a fresh fragrance and the other is wild cherry. Most people find them pleasant but if you're sensitive to fragrance then they will possibly be too strong. You can use the cleaner on tile flooring.



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